What Does It Take to Be an Oak Creek Sales Pro?

Let’s face it…there are thousands of sales jobs out there.  You can sell vacuum cleaners, cars, sporting goods…the list is virtually endless.  There’s only one way, though, to sell the true American Dream.  That’s by selling HOMES.  In Oak Creek’s case, the houses are manufactured and modular in nature.  What’s the difference?  The main one is cost.  With the rising price of housing, this dream is becoming more and more out of reach for the typical person.  That’s why factory-built housing is becoming a more popular alternative.

Of all the companies out there in this field, why choose Oak Creek?  Because of its commitment to training, development and promotion from within.  When it comes to training, we will start you off with 10 days of hourly online meetings followed by a 3-day class at our manufacturing facilities in Texas.  Then, every week, you’ll receive continued education to keep you up-to-date and any and all product and market changes.  We prepare you to succeed at Oak Creek, and once you do, we do our best to keep you.  Many of our sales pros and managers have been with the company for five, ten, twenty even TWENTY FIVE YEARS.

Right now our biggest (but not only) need is for BILINGUAL salespeople.  One of our fastest growing groups of buyers is Hispanic people and those who speak Spanish will be best prepared to serve them.  If you’d like to learn more about an opportunity with Oak Creek, click HERE and visit our employment page.

72 Hour Sale is next weekend!

As you know, our dealerships display stock models so that our customers can get true sense of what are homes are like. Sometimes, pictures or one of our unique 360 degree tours are simply not enough. Because we frequently change our floor plans and decors, we occasionally must change out our inventories and when we do, the consumer is the winner.

Why? Because these homes become heavily discounted for short periods of time.

What’s the catch? There really isn’t one. These houses have full warranties and our 7 year Homeguard protection plan and typically show a minimum of wear. We just need to bring in the newest models and pass on tremendous savings to you to make that happen.

Which houses are included? Across our company, over 30 houses have been discounted for this weekend’s brief yet amazing “72 Hour Sale”. This include single, double and triple section houses as well as homes built to both the HUD and Modular building codes.

Thursday April 28 – Saturday April 30 , put those umbrellas away and come out to Oak Creek Homes for great weather and even greater savings during our once-in-a-lifetime 72 Hour Sale. You’ll be glad you did. Oh, and while you’re there, check out Oak Creek’s new Olympia Home, the most highly anticipated new model we’ve built in years!